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LIFE SKILLS 1 & 2 - The most popular aspect of this program for participants seems to be food preparation. In addition to food preparation, food safety and healthy food choice education, participants have had the opportunity to try sewing projects, sorted, washed, dried and folded laundry, have done dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, and bed making. Participants have also practiced personal cares such as shaving, hair care, face washing, brushing teeth, dressing for the weather, cleaning and polishing nails, and have learned the importance of washing their hands to prevent spreading illness. Staff and participants have discussed the importance of sleep, simple first aid, the function and importance of hospitals and clinics, and exercise. We have several life skill games which are played as educational tools. All participants in Life Skills do gentle exercise as part of their program experience. Healthy Lifestyle Choices continues to be a key component to the Life Skills curriculum. We continue to do less complicated food preparation options and we make them routinely to improve participant’s ability to prepare the same dishes at home. A major change undertaken in this program in 2011 was to restructure class schedules according to Participant Levels of Care. We now have two levels of class now: one level for more independent participants and a second level for people with more significant challenges and care needs. This change has allowed us to provide more individualized planning and improve the participant satisfaction with their classes and outcomes.


SPECIAL INTEREST CLASSES - The Day Services staff have designed and implemented several Special Interest classes during the last year. These classes meet once per week, are small in size (generally 6 or fewer participants) to assure individualized attention, short term (each class generally runs 12 to 24 weeks), and community oriented. Classes implemented in 2011 include Photography, Current Events, Scrap-booking and Stamping, Getting Fit, Introduction to Computers, and Simple Crafts. These classes have been extremely popular to participants and we have waiting lists for future classes.


RCS - The RCS program continues to be very popular with Headwaters’ Participants. The activities offer the opportunity for participants to develop and practice skills in a variety of individual and group activities with the primary focus being on integrating the activities into the larger community. RCS participants have again gone bowling, swimming at the YMCA, mini-golfing have taken a Wilderness cruise, toured various local businesses and Nicolet College, have gone on picnics, a wagon ride, visited wilderness parks, zoos, local Native American period villages and museums, a planetarium, local museums, regularly used the library, gone shopping, eaten at local restaurants, gone to plays, practiced money skills in real situations and a wide variety of other community based activities.


EXCEPTIONAL AMERICANS - This program provides individuals with services that are relaxed yet well structured, emphasizing small group participation. Group experiences are conducted to develop decision making skills, leadership experiences and helping one another. We have the option for participants with declining health conditions to rest and play board games. We also have crafts, computer lab, reading, writing and math activities and are getting out for community outings (shopping, going out for coffee, going to the park).


SENSORY INTEGRATION - This program provides varied individualized sensory diet and physical activities for those individuals who need them in order to participate in their program activities. An Occupational Therapist sees participants on a regular basis to help us develop and maintain activities specific to the needs of each individual participant. Out light room is still a big hit and continue to implement some Montessori concepts, focusing largely on more independence. The number of participants in this program has also grown as participants with more independence skills are finding benefit in addressing sensory diet needs. In 2011 we began offering “sensory breaks” to participants in other programs which allows for brief, targeted periods of time with SI staff. These breaks are beneficial to many participants with sensory input disorders and/or behavior problems by meeting sensory input needs that cannot be met within other programs without major disruption to the other program.


- Computer Lab

- Hands on Experience with Adaptive Equipment

- Self-Advocacy

- Social/Emotional Skill Development

- Daily Living Skills/Development

- Work Skill Development


WORK SERVICES - This program provides a variety of jobs on our production floor that will develop the necessary work skills for competitive employment. Jobs include shredding, packaging, assembly, collating/mailing, sewing, auto detailing, quality control and janitorial. This program gives participants an opportunity to earn a paycheck while developing work skills that showcase their talents and abilities.


COMMUNITY CONTRACTS - This program provides work experience in the community in a group setting. This experience could include building and lawn maintenance, cleaning and working in our Rest Area Maintenance program.


JOB PLACEMENT - This program provides individualized job development and placement.


JOB COACHING - We provide job coaching as needed by the individual in accordance with his plan.


DVR - We work with the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation providing job experience and job coaching to find and maintain a community job.


- Walmart

- Burger King

- City of Rhinelander

- Rhinelander Ice Arena

- Rhinelander Animal Shelter

- St. Augustine Church

- Stifel Nicolaus

- National Guard

- WI Dept. of Natural Resources

- WI Dept. of Motor Vehicles

- WI Dept. of Transportation

- WI Dept. of Corrections

- Ministry Health

- Wolff's Log Cabin

- Taco John's

- Goodwill

- Doctors Foster and Smith

- TruFlight, Inc.


BIRTH TO THREE - Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs Birth-To-Three Years of Age

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES - We provide transportation on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, from Forest, Oneida and Vilas counties to our Rhinelander location.

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