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Letter From The Director

Headwaters, Inc. views disabilities as a natural part of the human experience. We embrace the concept of "Disability Pride" and we are proud to be members of the disability community.

We care deeply about the people and children we serve. Caring comes easy, but to effectively assist people and children with disabilities, caring must be accompanied by education, skills, modern facilities, and technology. You will experience all of these qualities at Headwaters, Inc.

Headwaters incorporates the five selfs in our services to empower people and children with disabilities: Self-determination, Self-advocacy, Self-esteem, Self-sufficiency, and Self-efficacy. We continue to be impressed by the people and children we serve. You can see the courage and hope in their faces and in their perseverance.

Headwaters, Inc. is a transitional site and expectations are high for the people and children we serve. Transitioning to the next program level is important to all of us. To make the transitions successful, we ask our consumers "What do you want to be?" and then we provide the necessary resources and services to make it happen.

Headwaters, Inc. continues to strive to build a better life for the people and children we serve through the transitional process. We actively assist all of our consumers and their families to fully participate in the decision-making process regarding programs and services.

Mary Hardtke, Director

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